No, not the Beyoncé video…the countdown to my big move! Yay! – Because that’s what this blog is about right?

Anyway, the time is winding down and the days are going by faster than I thought. No, I’m not finished packing, but I’m getting there. I try to mask the fact that I am a procrastinator with the phrase “I work better under pressure”…when the reality is that I always put off unappealing tasks until the last possible minute.

I had my last Battle Assembly with my reserve unit this weekend, and as always it was an eventful one. We are preparing for our annual training exercise and spent a good part of the weekend preparing for it. I am not looking forward to going (I never am) but at the same time I’ll be happy to see them again. They were my first platoon- they were like my children. My very smart yet dysfunctional children that I would defend and fight for, but at the same time kick them in the pants if they needed it. The highlight of the entire weekend was that some kind spirited person(s) left me a bottle of Korbel Champagne on my car after everyone was dismissed. When I went outside I was with 2 of my friends,  Rasha and Maggie and I just kept asking, “What is that on my car?” When we got there I told Rasha to be careful and make sure it wasn’t a bomb.


I was so surprised that I felt both happy and sad at the same time. It made me feel that I at least did one thing right if I did anything for them at all. It felt nice to be thought of and shown appreciation. There was no name or signature, and I told myself that if it was signed, that I would never open it. I didn’t cry, even though Maggie started to (I actually had to turn away from her to ensure that I didn’t). I thanked the mystery person(s) on the unit’s Facebook page.

At work today, I keep hearing, “This is your last Friday. This is your last Monday. Don’t start slacking.” It started making me a bit nervous. A few people already started to claim some of my supplies– that’s when you know it’s a reality and it’s really about to happen.


I should really finish packing other things; I really don’t have that much time left.

Oh, and just in case you were still thinking about the Beyoncé video, here it is.

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