Boxes, Boxes…Everywhere!

imagesThree more weeks! I’m so excited I don’t know what to do with myself. There’s a corner in my sister’s living room that is slowly turning into a storage closet. If I were better at packing, I would be almost done by now, but since I suck at it and I procrastinate I am nowhere near finished.  You’d think that since I travel so much with the military and to visit my out of town friends that I would be an expert about packing, but I’m not. I actually hate doing it. I consider it one of life’s (many) necessary evils. I already told my boyfriend not to be shocked if he opens up a box and finds it full random things dumped into it haphazardly. I even labeled some of the boxes “Random Kitchen Stuff” and “Random Randoms”.

            My boyfriend spent a better part of Memorial Day weekend moving into the apartment. He spent most of Monday putting furniture together. He should be completely moved in before the week is over, but if not he’ll finish up next week. I want to be completely packed by the time he gets here on the 14th. The only thing that will be left is my bed—and then off to a little BBQ / Going Away Party at my Aunt’s house before we hit the road.

            Some of my close friends and family are still in denial about my leaving. Others are happy and I’ve even ran into a few that are skeptical. I try my hardest not to get defensive with the skeptics- the things they say are based on their own opinions and maybe the experiences of others, but they don’t know me very well-they don’t know my thought process. They are not familiar with my relationship or the things that we discuss so I don’t worry about it. Those who know me and my boyfriend fairly well don’t question us; they are very happy for us. I’m not going to continue to repeat how excited I am, but I am thinking about taking a bunch of photos for the road trip….hmmm….


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