Valentine’s Day, Statistics, and I

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this before, but math is not one of my favorite subjects. Never has been, never will be…probably. I hardly got by in high school and I thought I was going to rip my hair out in college. The only things that have ever really stuck with me is how to calculate percentage on a discount or when I’m leaving a tip. So, it’s needless to say that I was not happy about having to take more math classes in grad school. Now I’m not sure if you’ll recall all the crying I did during my Economics class a little over a year ago that led me to take a leave of absence from school (I passed the class but, man was it rough). Now I’m back in school and taking Statistics, and then I have accounting to look forward to for the spring semester (yipee!).

This class has been taking up almost all of my spare time, hence me not being able to write as much as I want to. I am putting all of my effort into this because I really want to do well. I don’t want it to be like high school where I was praying for C’s, and in college, where I did just enough to get a C. So far, it’s been pretty manageable, but now that we are halfway through the term, I think the Excel formulas and standard deviation stuff is going to start making an appearance…oh joy.

Even though school has been consuming almost all of my spare time I have been able to make time for other things, like family. In January (yes I have to go that far back), my sisters Morgan and Val, came down with Jordin (Morgan’s daughter), and my brother Kevin and they stayed with Lorenzo and I for 4 days. My brother Keith currently lives here and he came to stay with us as well. We tried to show them as much of Atlanta as we could. We took them to Pappadeaux, the planetarium, a club, Main Event, a gun range, and the Aquarium. They said they all had a good time and are already thinking about when they can come back.

Jordin and River (my cousin) at the Georgia Aquarium

Lorenzo and also made time to spend with some of his friends from college that he hasn’t seen almost all of last year. We all went to Top Golf in Alpharetta. There is one located within Atlanta, but it was so crowded that we went to Alpharetta instead. Just a tip: there is always going to be a wait there, so it’s best to have dinner while you wait for a table to become available. Another FYI: I am horrible at golf. I have potential to do better, but for now and the foreseeable future, I’m pretty bad at it.

Lorenzo and I getting photobombed at Top Golf

This upcoming Sunday is Valentine’s Day. Lorenzo and I have plans to hang out with friends (after I finish my homework of course) for most of Saturday, but I think Sunday is pretty open. I not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day anymore. I used to feel all sad about it because I never had a Valentine, and when I did have a boyfriend it just wasn’t a big deal. The best memory I have of the holiday is when Lorenzo and I were dating and he sent a dozen red roses to my job. I wasn’t expecting it so it was a very nice surprise and I really appreciated it. Now that we are married and living together, I’m totally okay with not doing anything. Most of the places we like to go to are completely booked and overpriced anyway. V-day is not one of those holidays I need to celebrate. Birthdays on the other hand are a totally different category… :)  But I will do my best to (promptly) report any new attractions we venture off to this weekend. I love discovering new places and things to do here. I didn’t even know Atlanta had a planetarium until my brother mentioned it- goes to show you how much I know…. I need to do better.

Leave it in 2015

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone!

I always see videos on Youtube about “things to leave behind in (insert upcoming year)” and I always think how funny (and true) they are. Granted, the ones that I usually watch have something to do with beauty products and makeup tips but I’m sure other people have their lists as well. I thought it would be cool to make my own list.

So here is my list of things I want to stay in 2015:

  • Internet Trolls. I really don’t see the point in harassing other people on the internet, whom you will never meet in person, just because they have an opinion that is different from yours. I think it’s crazy when I’m reading a blog or article and I see people argue back and forth in the comment section about things that have NOTHING to do with the topic at hand- because they are too busy insulting each other. People who completely miss the point of the article or read way too much into it are quite irritating also. Do these people have way too much time on their hands or what?


  • Fake “News” Articles. I see this on Facebook quite often. People will share these outrageous “news” articles from these random websites and then go on commenting on how they feel about it, getting people all riled up about them, just to find out they are fake. When I used to see them I’d usually go back and tell the poster that it’s from a satire website but I don’t have time to do that every single time. People should check their sources.


  • Bad Grammar. I am REALLY over this. I’ve BEEN over this. I swear I had to get off of Facebook for a while because I started developing a tick. Its one thing not to speak correctly, but it’s an entirely different animal when it comes to writing (and posting). Does everything one writes have to be perfect all the time? No, of course not. But it really drives me up a wall that people still don’t know the difference between when to use “women” vs. “woman”, “you’re” vs. “your” and that its, “I’m sorry for your loss” not “I’m sorry for your lost”. I will chalk up some of this up to autocorrect, but not really.


  • Made up words. Now this may be just because I’m old and I don’t follow slang that much anymore, or it could be an extension of the bad grammar thing. I wish people would stop making up words to describe things (i.e. “fleek”) when there are PLENTY of other words in the dictionary that could be used. There are over a million words in the language for crying out loud. was not invented for people to still walk around sounding crazy. But then again, maybe I’m just old and should let it go.

Maybe I need to stay off social media all together so I can save myself the trouble. :)

So here is my short list of things that I want to stay in 2015. I know that they have a snowball’s chance in Hell of actually happening, but I guess that is my wishful thinking. For everyone going out tonight to celebrate the New Year, please be safe & have fun. Lorenzo and I might just sit this one out.

Goodbye 2015!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas (or are enjoying the holiday you choose to celebrate) and for those of you who are still on vacation until the New Year: I hate you because I had to go right back to work.

Lorenzo and I flew to New Jersey to spend Christmas with my family. We stayed with my Dad and step-mom but spent most of the time at my sister’s. I did go into the office on the 24th just to see my former co-workers and meet some of the new ones in person. Let me just put it out there: I don’t really miss traveling to work. Getting this opportunity to work from home is one of the best things to happen to me. I’m going to lose it when I have to go back to commuting. Anyway, my siblings did our gift exchange after our nieces opened their gifts. I think they really didn’t care what they got more than they liked just opening the gifts. More than once was a gift torn to shreds, screams and squeals followed, then it was on to the next. I can understand why parents love giving gifts to their kids; seeing how excited they get is everything.

We ended up back in the super crowded city of Manhattan on Saturday as well to do some shopping. I went to a little jewelry store that I love and Lorenzo checked out Macy’s. We also had lunch at Dallas BBQ with my good friend Shenitha and her daughter Jai. I took Lorenzo to see the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center but it was SO packed we couldn’t get anywhere near it and therefore couldn’t get any good photos. Maybe next year.

Shenitha & I
Lorenzo & Jai
Lorenzo and I

I also got to see one of my aunts and a few of my cousins I don’t really get to see that often. Being with them was sort of nostalgic, it just reminds me of how we were growing up; sitting around laughing, eating, listening to music, and dancing. Lorenzo totally held his own: my family can be …overly zealous…at times and I could see how it could be scary to others. But, Lorenzo FINALLY gets why I’m so loud sometimes. Finally.

Now its back to work as we get ready to ring in the New Year. Lorenzo and I still don’t have plans, but either way I’m sure we’ll be fine. My motto for 2016 is: Focus. I will need to remove all distractions (and daydreaming) and focus on what I want to do and where I want to be: school, work, my marriage and friends. Focus.

Be Careful What With What You Wish For

I remember saying on my last post that Lorenzo and I haven’t done much of anything lately and I guess I have to eat my words now. Not only did we hang out for most of last weekend but this weekend (starting today) and next week are completely booked.

Last weekend we started off by attending the wedding of Lorenzo’s high school best friend. He and Lorenzo haven’t seen each other in about 10 years since moving to Atlanta. They ran into each other earlier this year when we were having dinner at Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint

The wedding was in afternoon, so that night we went out to celebrate a birthday of one of Lorenzo’s former co-workers. We haven’t seen this couple since we celebrated his birthday when I first moved here. Next thing I know two years have flown by and now we are celebrating another birthday. We went to a new place called Do (pronounced “dough”) This restaurant was very nice. All of the furniture was white and they had music videos projected all over the walls. Our party was upstairs, and outside on the balcony.

We ended that night kind of early because we had to get up and take care of some maintenance with Lorenzo’s car, then spent the afternoon in Snellville with our other friends watching football. Tonight we are going with them on a double date to see Creed Movie. Tomorrow, we were invited to hang out with one of Lorenzo’s Marine Corps buddies, but I think he wanted to have a guys’ night out instead of hanging with the wives. I am totally cool with that because it gives me a night to relax by myself. Saturday is going to be another birthday party for another friend- dinner and dancing, then brunch on Sunday with a different couple. Then next week we fly home to spend Christmas with my family.


People love to invite Lorenzo places. He’s just a lovable kind of person; I’m a little (okay A LOT) more introverted than he is, so I don’t get all those invitations that he does and I had to tell him that next time I want to do absolutely NOTHING on the weekend, he should be okay with that. He was.

I don’t know what happened to me. I used to go out all of the time- you couldn’t get me to stay in house if you tried. There were times where I was paying rent a places that I only showered and slept in. Work, school, family, and friends always kept me busy. Maybe I should look into next year with a more positive outlook about getting out more. I mean, I work from home now, I should be THRILLED to get out of the house.


Chistmas Means Shopping

This time of the year most people like to spend their money shopping for Christmas (or for whichever holiday they choose to celebrate) which is totally normal, right? But for me, this is the time of year I like to buy lots of things for myself. Why? Because everything is on sale all…month…long. And its a pretty beautiful thing.

I guess that’s why I never make a big deal about Black Friday, because most of the places I shop in will extend some sort of sale during the entire month of December. I stock up on major ticket items for the house, or just little things I’ve been wanting to buy but just never have for some reason. There’s nothing like getting something you’ve been coveting for a long time, but its even better when you get it on sale.

I’ve had major issues with shopping in the past, just overall spending most of my money on “things” just because of the simple fact that I could, not necessarily because I needed them. One day a wrote out a list of what a made, and then what I was spending on bills, wondered where all of my money was going and discovered what my problem was. I learned the difference between a want and a need so now I wait, sometimes months, before I buy things just to make sure its not just a random splurge.

Anyway, Lorenzo and I are going to fly up to New Jersey to spend Christmas with my family, since we’ve spent Thanksgiving with his. My family and I normally have a Secret Santa…because there are so many of us its just easier to buy one gift. We’ve had to put some rules on it because we’ve had some people just end up with gift cards or cash, which is a complete waste of time in my book. Hopefully that won’t be an issue this time.

Lorenzo and I have also continued with our vegetarian experiment which I thought was pretty good. We haven’t completely made a transition, there were about 3 days  where there was chicken involved but we are being more proactive about it. For example, last night I successfully made black bean burgers for the first time using a recipe I found on If I find something on Pintrest, I’ll just go to that website, find a recipe with ingredients that I like and go from there. Its been working out pretty good so far.

Do I have any vegetarian readers? What are your favorite vegetarian dishes? Any recommended websites I should know about?

Lorenzo and I haven’t done anything new in Atlanta in a while, so I think its time to venture out and do something this weekend…. anything…..hmmm….

The Holidays Are Coming

It’s almost Thanksgiving! Where has the year gone?

Anyways, I’ve been working from for about a month now and it’s a lot cooler than I thought it was going to be. I don’t get too bored and there is not a lot of free time so I’m usually pretty busy for almost the whole day. I get to go for runs on my lunch (sometimes) and it gives me more time to plan out my dinners.

Lorenzo and I are still on the vegetarian experiment until Thanksgiving, even though we totally cheated on Saturday and went to The Melting Pot and had filet mignon and chicken with dinner. It was so worth it. I also made my own cheese dip using the fondue maker Lorenzo’s sister gave us for Christmas last year. I made with with beer using a recipe I saw on Facebook for macaroni and cheese. It turned out pretty good, even though I think I used too much beer. Lorenzo and I don’t drink beer as our normal alcoholic beverage of choice so the funniest thing about that night was going to buy the beer. We had no idea which to use; we were staring at all the options like we were actually making a really important decision. We ended up getting this huge can of Bud Light from the gas station and I didn’t even use it all. (side note: how long can you leave an open can of beer in the fridge? A day? Two?)

Maybe I’ll try it again (with a better beer) and see how it turns out. But for now I’ll stick to just the cheese. This is going to be a short week because Thanksgiving coming up and Lorenzo and I are heading out to Myrtle Beach again this year to spend time with his family (I wanted to go back to New Jersey for Christmas but was too lazy to book a flight). Plus I wanted to see if I could save some money this month. I let my credit cards bills get a little out of control, plus Christmas is coming up so I didn’t want to make any unnecessary purchases. AND, two of my sisters and my brother are coming to visit in January and I want to make sure to show them a good time. Plus it’s probably cold as hell in NJ, and I really don’t want to deal with it.

Lorenzo and I may do some Black Friday shopping because we need a few things for the house, but I’m not going to be out there early in the morning fighting a crowd. If we have time we’ll go later on in the day after the crazies have long gone home and see what’s available. This should be fun…yay… (I know it’s hard to tell what my tone is because I’m writing, but that last sentence was complete sarcasm).


Happy Birthday USMC!

Today marks the United States Marine Corps’ 240th Birthday. And I’m not sure if you know any Marines, but if you do, you already know that today is a BIG deal.

Every year- every company (I’m not sure if they call them units, companies or what, but for the sake of my sanity that’s what I’m going to call them today) will have a Ball to celebrate. This year Lorenzo’s company had there’s in Cobb Galleria this past Saturday. There were 2 companies there celebrating the event. It’s really nice to see everyone looking sharp in their Dress Blues. I’ve always been a fan of their uniform- I definitely prefer it to the Army’s. I don’t know if it’s the hat or the sword or what- but they always look great.

This was my second time going to the Ball with Lorenzo. I opted out last year because the year before that I had no one to talk to while Lorenzo was part of the ceremony. This year there were some familiar faces, and now I’m looking forward to going next year because one of our friends said that they will come next time. Here are some of the pictures:


Happy 240th USMC!