More Random Thoughts

1. I am officially over Internet Explorer and Firefox. I’m pretty sure I’m behind the curve on that but what can I say? I like things that are familiar. As of late, they both have been pissing me off, so Chrome it is. Maybe I just need a new computer?

2.  It really irritates me when people cut me off when I’m trying to ask a question- especially when its work related. Please understand that I know the basics and that maybe my question extends beyond that because if it were a basic question, I would already know the answer. Duh. What’s even worse is that, in my area there is a poster that reads: The problem with communication is that we don’t listen to understand, we listen to respond. But yet, no one takes the time to actually LISTEN to questions before spitting off an answer- but then I’m told to make sure I listen to customers.

3. One thing that I’ve always wanted to do was have a book published. When you’re ten years old you pretty much have life figured out, so you know that everything you plan is going to happen EXACTLY the way you plan it, right? Yeah, okay. Anyway, I want to start writing again and this time I’m actually going to see if I can get something published…anywhere. It’ll be one more check mark on my bucket list. Wish me luck.

4. Am I still in the Army?? UGHHHHH :(

5. I’m not really sure why I never pursued fashion as a career. Its the only thing I’m really into: clothes, shoes, hair, makeup, modeling…the whole 9. Maybe I wasn’t confident enough, or that my life’s circumstances didn’t really allow me to push towards it like I wanted to. I know I didn’t have the support system. Maybe I was looking for something more stable (read: realistic for me). I’m not sure. Is it too late? Where would I start? What would be step #1?

23 Workers Describe Their Most Hilarious (And Baffling) Experiences With ‘Stupid’ Customers


This gave me a good chuckle. Enjoy!

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1. I work in customer service for a cell phone company so everyday I hear the dumbest customer I’ve ever heard. But a good one was when a customer called complaining about international numbers calling an soliciting her. I asked what the number was and she gave me a standard 10 digit number. I asked why she thought it was international to which she said “because the caller ID says it’s coming from the District of Columbia”.

- bwj8891

2. When I was working internet tech support, I had a customer call us up because his net wasn’t working. He said he hooked everything up but “the damn thing just won’t let me email”.

He then said “the cable you sent me was too damn big”. I told him that shouldn’t be the case, and he said he had to re-size it to make…

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9 Small Things You Can Do That Promote Greater Change

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Big changes often start small.

They begin with the little things. The everyday decisions that eventually add up and accumulate into a grander tapestry. Sometimes the best way to change yourself is by starting small. Like maybe brushing your teeth, or washing those jeans you’ve worn two weeks in a row. Just as examples, you slob.

1. Make your hygiene/appearance a priority

If you’re a girl (because really, we spend waaaaay more time on our appearance than dudes – at least in most cases) be sure to make time to feel ‘pretty’. To feel attractive. To feel good about yourself. If you’re in a funk of sweat pants and messy buns, pick out your favorite shirt, style your hair, maybe throw on a new lipstick. Yes, even if you’re not going anywhere. Even if you’re unlikely to meet another soul and will probably be on your couch watching Netflix…

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What Annoys You?

I remember a guy whom I’ve dated briefly tell me that marriage is just finding someone who’s BS you can tolerate for the rest of your life. While I didn’t agree with his cynicism in its entirety, I could agree that with every person you keep in your life you are subjecting yourself to having to put up with their…quirks for as long as you are together- just like they have to put up with yours.

Lorenzo’s has discovered some things about me that he tends to get annoyed with. No, he doesn’t mind telling me about it. I know the number one thing is that I get super paranoid…about everything. For example:

  • My check engine light came on, and even though he had it checked out and was told I could still drive the car, I told him how the car was going to break down and leave me stranded- or I’d get in an accident.
  • I was driving his car and some smoke came out of the muffler, but it looked like it was coming from under the hood of the car. He told me it was just from the muffler and I came up with this story about not wanting the engine to catch on fire with me still in the car.
  • He suggested that we swim with sharks on our honeymoon and I looked at him suspiciously and asked if he was trying to get rid of me for the insurance money.
  • Anytime he wants me to try a new food, I tell him to eat it first. Not because I think he wants to poison me, but I just want to make sure it’s going to taste good….okay…and maybe the poison thing too. This REALLY annoys him :)

I know that it also annoys him that I don’t check the fridge and the pantry very often. I guess because I don’t memorize every single item that is in there it gets under his skin when I make repeat purchases or if he asks for something and I don’t know what we have. I guess I’m the kind of person who only opens the fridge for the thing that I NEED at the time and don’t pay attention to anything else. Oh well.

What annoys you about your spouse or significant other? What do you do that annoys them? How do you deal with your differences?

Confessions of a Disgruntled Employee

I’m not really disgruntled, I’m just annoyed.

I’m sure that there are a few (or lots) of things that may annoy you with your job- your co-workers, the customers, your boss…the list could be endless. Now, while I am beyond grateful to even have a job-with benefits- to help with bills until I finish my certifications, I can’t help but to think to myself everyday about how much I want to get out of there. Every day gives me another reason to want to leave (which is why I spend a lot of my personal time looking for other jobs).

Right now I am a customer service rep for a telecommunications company, and if anyone has ever worked in customer service you can feel my pain. I’ve worked in telecommunications before I moved to Atlanta, but it was for a very small local company in New York City. Because it was a small company, we only had a few hundred customers so we were able to build relationships with them and the environment was very relaxed. So now that I’m working with a larger company, there is less time to build those relationships and its definitely a more controlled environment (complaint #1). Some of the issues I have, and they are mostly with customers, are probably what any customer service rep would have. Lets get started.

Just because I work for the company, it doesn’t mean I make major decisions on the company’s behalf. I am not the owner, I’m not a shareholder, my dad is NOT the CEO. I can’t magically change your price plans or make discounts appear. I will happily apply discounts & promotions when they are available, but don’t expect a miracle or to pay next to nothing for services that you happily use every month. We are a for-profit company, if we give you everything for free then we would go out of business. Secondly, if I WAS able to make major decisions like that, I wouldn’t be answering the phone as a customer service rep. Think about it.

Let me speak. If you ask me a question, let me answer it. It’s rude to cut people off and you will never know the answer to your question because you’re too busy running your mouth. If you think you know all the answers, why are you even calling in?

Your bill is due on the same day EVERY month. This is not new information. Also, if you don’t pay your total amount due, when it is due, the remaining balance is going to be carried over to the next month. It doesn’t just disappear. Don’t call me and ask me why the bill is so high if you haven’t made a payment in 2 months. Don’t call me and ask me why your services were cut off when you haven’t paid the bill in 4 months. Our services are NOT free! If you run a business yourself- you should know this! And while we’re at it, take the time to actually LOOK at the bill before you call, 100% of the time it will have all the information you need to know already on it.

Don’t threaten me or threaten to leave the company for a competitor. Most of the time you won’t go anywhere and if you did I wouldn’t care anyway. They do not pay me enough to beg you to stay with us, they don’t pay me enough to be insulted and threatened by you either- no job will. Its usually the people who have the smallest accounts that want to spew out those empty threats and or want credits for services that they’ve obviously used. Like really? You don’t go to a restaurant, eat $50 worth of food but then demand to only be allowed to pay for half of it. Get real.

I’ll happily fix whats wrong. Yes, we make mistakes sometimes, and I’ll be more than happy to fix whatever bad thing we’ve done, but you really don’t have to be nasty about it. Calling in and being nasty isn’t going to make me want to help you, its going to make me want to get you off my phone. All that yelling and screaming just makes you look crazy, and yes I will talk about you. Customers that are nice get more personable service. I’m willing to do a little extra for them because they are pleasant and easy to talk to. Just some food for thought.

I know there are 2 sides to every story…but this is my side. Definitely needed to get that off my chest. Do you have any other grievances to add to the list? Did you ever have a negative experience with a phone rep? Were you the negative person or the rep?

A Few More Things the Army has Taught Me

I had to spend an entire 3 days with the military this weekend; I usually dread having to spend that much time in training- especially since I’m giving up my Friday night, but this weekend wasn’t that bad. The unit that I belong to now is full of higher ranking personnel, so you don’t hear as much whining and complaining as you would in a unit with younger soldiers. Another thing that is cool about being in unit with older people is that everyone already knows what they’re doing; you really don’t have to teach people how to do much because everyone there has at least been in the military for at least a decade at the minimum.

We spent this weekend doing some prep work for our annual 2-week event in June. I thought the training was great considering we don’t always have time to get off the base and do other things. I was expecting the worst but was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. I was able take away a few more things that I’ve learned about myself, and Army this weekend:

You have to pick and choose your battles. At least 3 people told me that I handle things pretty well and I know its only because I’ve had to deal with WAY worse prior to moving here. I only fight battles I have a chance of winning or at least seeing some compromise. There is no point in taking the path of most resistance and complaining about how messed up everything is because its not going to change. I argue for things I CAN change- which is not much. Honestly, I just want to get paid on time.

You have to pick and choose the company you keep. If I didn’t learn anything in the almost 16 years I’ve been in the Army, I know I’ve learned this: watch what you say and who you say it to. Everyone who is nice to you is NOT your friend. Point, blank, period. I don’t say much to people in this unit, not because I am trying to be anti-social but because I’ve been caught up in so much drama in the past that its easier to keep people at a reasonable distance until I can figure things out on my own. The last thing I want is some BS rumor going around and I’m in the middle of it. No ma’am, no thank you.

Some people are just negative. There are some people who like to complain just for the sake of complaining; and the worst part of it as that they KNOW they’re doing it. There are others who just like drama. For example, I ordered a new set of dog tags, but I ordered them with Lorenzo’s last name and the first thing someone asked me was if I was getting a divorce. Now, while some people know that I’m getting married, I don’t expected everyone to know- but, gosh, why go to something negative? Why not ask why I ordered them that way instead of just assuming divorce? I will never understand this about some people.

I’m sure that there were be more lessons learned in the future. I am constantly learning about myself and human nature from these people. I know we only represent a very small portion of the country, but this part of my life has been a constant learning curve for me. I’m grateful for it, the good and the bad.


Paradise, Here We Come

The honeymoon is booked!!!

Seven days in paradise with my soon-to-be-husband, I’m so excited. Lorenzo booked our flights and hotel a few days ago. We will be staying in Honolulu at one of the local hotels, and he’s already looking into a few things for us do to like visit Pearl Harbor, going on a Sunset Cruise to visit the other islands, and swimming with sharks. I don’t know how I feel about swimming with sharks and I’m not even sure why he wants to do it, but I think its one of those things I’ll have to see how safe it looks before trying it.

I know there is going to be a gap between our actual wedding date and the honeymoon, but I know the time will go by quickly. The only thing I want for the actual wedding date is a veil. I haven’t started looking for one yet so I know I have to get on it. I have to get an outfit-maybe a dress- and I already have a millions pairs of shoes to choose from so I’m all good there. I will also need to get new name tapes for my military uniforms; I can’t forget to do that. Lorenzo and I also discussed getting some premarital counseling just to get a professional opinion about our relationship and I’m all for it (I wanted to be a therapist when I was in college so I’m very “pro” therapy when its needed).

Hawaii was definitely on my bucket list of places to visit and not only am I getting to go, but I get to go on a romantic adventure with the love of my life (is that corny or what?). I think we may find a miniature trip to take before the actual honeymoon, but that is still up on the air.

I need to get a new bathing suit.

Did I mention how excited I was?